2007 O'Connor First Grade School Tour
A very fine group of first graders and their teachers attended VEG for a tour on May 9, 2007.  Thanks for visiting VCMGA at VEG!
Suzie Ross, VEG Educational Tour chair stopped long enough for a photo before O'Connor students arrived. Suzann Herricks leads the students to the patio to plant some seeds.  Each class to visit does a special activity.
Charlie Boren leads her group to the VEGGIE area. Pat Miller, VCMGA 2007 Intern, helps with the O'Connor Tour.
Barbara Buethe and Suzie organize a group to begin touring VEG. O'Connor 1st grade group in the Sensory Area.
1st grade group from O'Connor pose for photo on the sun patio. A fine group of 1st graders from O'Connor visit VEG.