2013 Victoria Educational Gardens
& Pavilion
Committees and Areas

Pat Plowman and Brynn Lee
General Chairs
Ed Gregurek and Ken Knief
MaintenanceŚMowing, weed-eating, weed control application, compost and construction/ repairs.

VEG Workdays-- Monday and Thursday from 9am until 12 noon.

Chairs of Garden Areas
Antique Roses and all other Roses in VEG----------------Debbie Schulze
Butterfly, Sensory, Birding -------------------------------------Dick Nolen      
Daylily and Bulbs -------------------------------------------------Doris Martinak 
Entrance and Front and Back of Pavilion-------------------Karla Davis
Fruit Trees----------------------------------------------------------Gerald Bludau
Heirloom/Patriotic-------------------------------------------------Mary McCurdy
International -------------------------------------------------------Kathy Chilek  
Iris -------------------------------------------------------------------Cliff Knezek    
Native/ Wildflowers----------------------------------------------Olivia Blanchard
Patio Containers and Red, White and Blue ---------------J.T. Wood      
Ornamental Grasses  -------------------------------------------Jack Goodwin
Perennials and Xeriscape  -------------------------------------Marcia Kauffman
Seasonal/Annuals-------------------------------------------------Barbara Schmidt
Shade/Groundcover and Zen ----------------------------------Nancy Zaplac
Superstars/Meditation/ Labyrinth ------------------------------Linda Hartman
Tropical --------------------------------------------------------------Laurel Lee      
Turf Grass ----------------------------------------------------------Charlie Neumeyer
Vegetable -----------------------------------------------------------Fran Kanak / Tom Akins

Edna LaFour
VEG Tours
Tom Akins
Greenhouse Workdays-- Wednesday and Saturday from 9am til 12 noon

VEG Hours (MGs need 15 and Interns need 20)
Work at VEG, work in greenhouse, ALL hours, VEG meetings, VEG tours, special fundraisers for VEG, or Pavilion committee.

                                ALL---Airport Lease Agreement
Mowing, weed eating and weed control application outside VEG fence and around the 4-H Activity Center need to be recorded as ALL hours---but will be counted toward VEG hours.